17 July 2007

controlled demolition

Architect, Richard Gage, full lecture (2 hours)

[This recut version is here.]

(h/t Davis Fleetwood)
9/11 Mysteries (repeat by popular demand) (hour and a half, but for some reason the last half hour repeats....)

There is absolutely no way a sane sentient being can come away from either of these unconvinced that the World Trade Center was brought down by controlled demolition. Al Qaeda could NOT have set the charges in those buildings. No one could have done it but very highly placed people with access to the military grade incendiaries that have been proven to have been used. Solid, peer reviewed science on physical evidence, plus multiple unbreakable laws of physics state unequivocally that this is so.

I * M * P * E * A * C * H * !!!

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