23 January 2008

is this the party to whom i am speaking?




So please just take a moment to sign in under one of the accounts the Blogger commenting system recognized. If you don't already have an account somewhere, it's fast and easy to set one up. If you want to talk here, just be one somebody and stick to it. Thank you.


Update: Comment system is no longer HaloScan cum JS-kit. We are now in native Blogger commenting, which means your comments won't show up if your cookies are turned off, and it means I can't edit your booboos for you, just delete your comment entirely if something is too wrong with it or you. So. I will try to rectify this somehow, but in the meantime, please try to know when to be offended and when not to be offended by any removal of a comment. At least I think now your comments won't simply drop out into nothingness without there being a human, me, or you, dropping it into nothingness. Sorry.

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You will possibly at some point notice that I finally added comments to neufneuf. I still feel a little creepy about it because I don't want my friends to feel obliged to take up their time putting comments on my blog... and I don't want to suffer the negativity from the trolls who come here to find out who that harridan at a certain other blog might be either. But some people far flung may find it useful, or begin to, and that is something to consider. So I stayed up and gave myself a monster headache last night in order to set it up in some sort of acceptable-enough format.

Rules are both autocratic and liberating:

Anyone attempting to make anyone else's personal address or telephone number or email public will be banned. Zero tolerance. Putting anyone, no matter how awful, in jeopardy of being stalked or spammed or harassed, even if you think they totally deserve it, is tantamount to lynching and will not be tolerated here.

No racism.

No sexism.

No dirty jokes and bathroom humor.

No spam.

I will delete all objectionable-to-me comments without a trace at whim.

You don't have to stay on topic. You may hijack threads to your heart's content. You may swear as colorfully as you wish, within the bounds of the above, of course. All linkage to interesting and important URLs is seriously okay with me and most of the people I know.

You can email me at neufx2@yahoo.com or any other address you already have for me if you have something to say in private... tips about the ultimate wealthy socialist bachelor are most welcome, as you must already know entirely too well.

I may add to this whenever, but you'll always be able to click on Ernestine to keep up with it.


Like move sidebar stuff here:

If you want to see news videos, or look at any of the headlines from Google news that used to be embedded here, just click on this snail and go down the sidebar a little. That stuff is just too obnoxiously slow-loading, and they make you watch commercials anyway.

And click this one for a bunch of very 99-like music videos that also used to be in my sidebar. I'm trying to make this place a tiny bit more friendly to slower connection speeds. Basically, I really am a very nice old harridan....

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As for the Star of David, surely its most offensive use is its placement on the flag of Israel. --Ann El Khoury

The Palestinians, though, what do they have? Rockets with no guidance at all, so they just land wherever. Like 95% of them can't even hit a town. And rocks. And as everyone knows, ineffective is the same as bad, which is the same as evil. And lack of control is just another way of saying immoral. I rest my case. --Zeke

Barry O. may be the smooth-talking architect of our doom, but at least he's not a moron. --IOZ

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