19 November 2007

gripes in my inbox

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Some skeptics and scientists and atheists object to being called imbecilic. Get used to it. Your smugness is imbecilic in light of all you fail to take into account, and it irks the snot out of the imbecilic religionists, which only strengthens them. Nothing ever has bound them more effectively than the shared sense of persecution.

Some pretty girl collectors object to my lack of patience with Sibel. Get used to it. I'm just as impatient with those on whom she continues to fail to blow the whistle... if that's any help. This stuff is vastly more serious than a heart attack. The stupid cult of sexual attraction mounting, so to speak, on top of the irritatingly insubstantial and reliably intermittent bursts of PR -- complete with new batches of Garboesque head shots -- makes me just want to puke of the unseemliness of it all.

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