24 April 2008

yeah, no shit

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The more I learn about it, the more disappointed I am that Obama didn't have the balls to stand up and tell the world his pastor was being maligned egregiously by the Clintons, strictly to whip up a frenzy of outrage in the sunshine patriots. Why the hell couldn't he have looked into it further and used his speech to do some REAL union perfecting? Or did he, and just decide that was too risky? Too likely to lead the media further off down this garden path? TOUGH SHIT!

The truth is what perfects everything, you fuckers! Tell it! Observe it! Revere it! Use it! Live by it!

[By the way, I've linked a longer version of that troublesome sermon in the BEAUTIFUL SPEECH BUTTONS section of my sidebar, and a little taste of Father Pfleger's fire and brimstone on the subject as well.]

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