27 June 2008

honeybee ccd diagnosed and secretly cured?

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Yippee! Only... dig this press release from London, England a year ago... and then dig this press release from the same place just a couple weeks ago. Ahem.

It seems to me that the first press release would have made headlines everywhere, but certainly the latest one would have. Oh, certainly! But... no. And hmmmmm about the radical improvement in Michigan, but the downturn overall... and a research lab closing in Ohio...? Hmmmmmm....

In a nutshell, pesticide-coated crop seeds grow into plants with the pesticide spread throughout the plant, including blooms and fruit. I don't know why it never occurred to me that could happen at all, let alone in an amount sufficient to compromise the immune systems of honeybees, but there you have it, and then when they come in contact with certain fungi used extensively for "biocontrol", they are pau... biocontrolled to the point of hive collapse.... The Europeans don't sound equivocal about this, and it matches up with the consensus here a while back that it was most probably compromised immunity that was causing it. So there are two pest control mechanisms unexpectedly working in concert and producing an apocalyptic effect.

Now just search Google News for "honeybee" and see all the crazy-ass conflicting news items you get....

We must all thank lafin gas again for the crucial link here.

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