28 November 2009

democlican republicrat hutsi tutus take note!

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Civil war always serves only the plutocrats. Whereas sometimes revolution serves the people. Revolution does not absolutely have to be violent, but people cannot shrink from it and succeed, because the other side invariably will not shrink from it. That is the whole problem.

I wish you would look up from your furious Us-vs-Themming to take note of this... think a little harder about who "Them" really is... wake the hell up before this gets any worse....


  1. I'd like to think it can't get any worse,

  2. 86 would always say, "It could be worse."

    And every time he said that it got worse.

    So. Well. I'm something like superstitious about it now, but it looks for all the world as though it will get worse... much, much worse.


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