20 November 2009

dr horrible is making me laugh

[click image]

Just get me a stash of that Wonderflonium, doc.


  1. Yeah, this is great. I listen to my kids a lot and post things they suggest. The songs are actually really great in this "internet musical". Gottsta keep in touch with what's popular with the kids, you know. Dr. Horrible is Neil Patrick Harris. He's seriously funny and I didn't know it. He's funny on some TV show he's on right now, I can't think of the name of it (I'll figure it out, I'm not good with names just if it's good or not). He was Doogie Howser as a child actor. He was also extremely funny in "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle". He poked fun at being typecast as Doogie Howser, instead of sitting around whining about it. The song "Everyone's a Hero" is actually a really great, inspiring (and funny) song. The main girl in it, I don't know who she is, but she's extremely charming, pretty, and a great singer (and totally unknown). The guy who plays Captain Hammer is great, too. The whole thing is great, you can't stop watching it, the sign of something great.

  2. I love comedy. It rubbed off on everyone. All of us love to sit down and have a good laugh with a good comedy. It's the greatest!

  3. About the funniest TV show going is My Name Is Earl.

    My ribs hurt from laughing after the show.

  4. 99 - secret message - Apture

  5. My Name Is Earl is one of the only good TV shows going right now. Jason Lee is great. He's in all the Jay & Silent Bob movies.

  6. Jason Lee is the devil in Jay & Silent Bob's "Dogma", excellent movie:



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