18 November 2009

fudd's new body is working out very well so far

[click image]

Just a little longer and the transformation should be complete....


  1. ...and by "U.S., they mean "Obama". Don't you love when news article headlines say "The United States said" and ONE person said something? Like, "The United States said Iraq has WMD's" when BUSH said it!!! Things like that.

    "The United States is backing Israel" instead of "United States Zionist politicians back Israel". The United States has 350 million people, they shouldn't throw around the term "United States" like that.

    They should specifically say: "Obama misses Gitmo deadline" NOT "The United States missed the Gitmo deadline".

  2. "The United States" my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. All over the place, people are screaming about HOW the disgraced neocons can still be in power. They're still running things. It's very clear. The other day someone mentioned about the tradition of the outgoing administration leaving Washington DC not to pollute the new one, yet Fudd won't leave. Do you think he has a nuke in that man-sized safe of his? Or do you think the coup just wants him there to keep all their moles in line? It's OBVIOUS Obama is such a piece of shit because he's terrified of pissing these people off. THAT'S NO EXCUSE. In fact it's pretty clear he had to agree to all this stuff before he could get the nomination away from Hillary. So the big question remains:


    Yip at the tea partiers being set up as the pool of crazies from which the next patsy will hail? Is that right?


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