23 November 2009

funny thing...

[click image]

I'd just brought up Caligula when suddenly, completely accidentally, I was subjected to this horrific video, made aware of someone who is, much to my astonishment, really very famous. I mean, she's really, really very famous... to the point where googling her brings you this unwanted news and the image results are stupefying. I guess I need to get out more, myself....


  1. My daughter was hysterical when I said this: I said to make an alternate Lady Ga Ga for dyslexics, called "Lady Goo Goo" and dress similarly, and all the dyslexics would accidentally hit "Lady Goo Goo" on searches, go to the Lady Goo Goo concert by mistake, etc...and by the time the dyslexics found out, you've made a lot of money anyway! When I said this, my daughter laughed so hard, I think she became temporarily mentally unstable!

  2. I'm a really funny guy, aren't I??? GODDAMMIT! I'M FUNNY!!! AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well... if you say so... :-P


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