29 November 2009

no way to make a silk purse out of this sow's ear

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Just no way. Not from West Point. Not from Walk West Till Yer Hair Floats.

And why do we have to listen to Obama's blather at all if he's just the window dressing for the Pentagon's will? The military has "leaked" all their plans already. I mean, just read that shit! It's neocons talking from the sanctity of their big five-sided fortress, making it pretty plain Obama has been no part of the equation here, so why bother with this stupid "Commander in Chief" ruse anymore. Do they think we're stupid?


And retreating into our fantasy America in self defense....

[Antiwar's Jason Ditz has a bunch of links for you....]


  1. More like he's making a silk purse (America's hope for change and accountability) into a sows ear...

  2. The dickless walking portrait of vanity isn't in charge of anything. The only thing he could do to undo the harm he has done is to switch venues from West Point to the Statue of Liberty and tell the world that HE IS NOT IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING. He's a hostage in the Oval Office.

    We have a rogue government.


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