17 December 2009

189,000 and swiftly rising

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More vital information to keep front and center.

I know it's a drag, but, shit, come on! This stuff is not abstraction, not like tv shows, novels and comic books. It's real and if we don't treat it with the deference we owe truth, we are dead... all of us... forever... forever.

Jeremy Scahill is not only never a waste of time, but always a vital use of it.


  1. [i]The US has spent more than $23 billion on contracts in Afghanistan since 2002. By next year, the number of contractors will have doubled since 2008 when taxpayers funded over $8 billion in Afghanistan-related contracts.[/i]

    War Pays!


  2. WTF - my HTML code thingy changed its layout with the last update - Sheesh, I could click the old buttons in my sleep, now they are all re-arraigned with new alternate codes.

  3. That's better, I turned off the xhtml and bbc codes so they disappeared from the menu.

    Now I won't paste the wrong code.

  4. I haven't part of a clue what yer talkin' about.... :oD


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