16 December 2009

adds up to hell on earth

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  1. 99% of all species which have ever existed on Earth have gone extinct. Our turn is coming.

  2. I hate statistics!

    The third number: 4%. That's how much the US is offering to cut its emissions from their 1990 levels by 2020.

    But how does today's emissions compare to 1990?

    If our emissions are 20% more now, the reduction would be 24% of today's values.

    If our emissions are 5% better now than in 1990 then it is actually a 1% increase.

    The numbers are meaningless as presented.

    I am NOT defending the US by any means, but lets have real numbers!

  3. I think the point is that the US is purposely presenting meaningless numbers to avoid having to do anything, BB2. That is my take on it. That is why I flipped so hard upon reading the Danish Text and learning what nothing Obama was going to bring to the table, and even worse, yanking the table away from anyone who might eventually succeed in making him put something substantive on it.

    This whole COP15 thing is SUCH a convoluted wreckage, made a thousand times worse by all the fascist braying to obfuscate things further, that I am just beside myself with grief over the sorry state of our world.

    It seems to me we would all be WAY better off if ALL statistical analysis were THROWN OUT and we just concentrated on the empirical stuff, on measuring ocean acidity and doing everything we know to turn that around. THE STATISTICS ARE JUST SHIT SLUNG AROUND TO TRY TO MOVE POLITICS ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, AND THEY DON'T WORK!

    They just fill up wasted time.

    Who do I kill?


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