28 December 2009

again, iranian authorities appear to be telling the truth

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Ahmad Reza Radan, Iran's deputy police chief, acknowledged that "several people" had been killed, but denied that police had used guns to contain the protests.

Referring to four of the deaths, Radan said: "One fell off a bridge, two died in car accidents and one was killed by a bullet."

"As the police [force] was not using firearms this [death] is suspicious and it is being investigated," he said.
I have been looking at what images I can find of the current rioting in Iran and I can't find any police with guns, but plenty with truncheons and tear gas canisters... which would be the way I'd be playing it if I were in the position of the Iranian government, having to keep the streets safe from rioting and looting... and the protesters are even more violent this time than last. Plus, the video of Mousavi's nephew being killed is eerily like the Neda video.... They're working their hearts out to become card-carrying members of "The West" and don't seem to mind the danger of this turning into WWIII as they do it. Their government seems to mind. I mind.


  1. It's none of our business anyway.

  2. COMPLETELY! But, well, WWIII is our business, especially since we're apt to START it based on events in Iran and the powers' reactions.


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