19 December 2009

climate injustice unanimous

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I've been wading through about a hundred pages of images from Copenhagen for the last couple hours, and pulled some shots I liked. I'm thinking I will try to put them all in one post to link here later....

But the point of this whole disaster was that amazing numbers of people came from all over the world to be out in the streets to get bashed on the head by cops and get frostbite. More huge demonstrations in solidarity with the people on the streets of Copenhagen took place all over the world. While politicians turned this conference into one huge photo op, there were some world leaders who really did come to get action. Unfortunately our war criminal president is now adding climate criminal to his list of distinctions... and there really isn't any doubt left about that now.


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  1. Denmark passed a new preventative detention law in advance of the demonstration. Suspicion of thinking about breaking certain laws can get you an instant three day jail sentence. Freedom's on the wane the world over. Authoritarian Capitalism looks to be the way of the future.


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