16 December 2009

dogs of war

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Ooops. Has this been a decent enough interval before collapse? Or do we have to move back in to stabilize things again? With what? With whom? How?

Never fear, we can hire contractors enough to rule the world.*

What? You ask how we can afford this? Don't be silly. This is all we've been affording since we were born.

Scott Horton interviews Tom Engelhardt about Obama's NINE surges in Afghanistan:

[37 minutes]

*... so corporations can rule the world. No. Really. Don't be silly.


  1. FUCK...

    As I started to look at this, the news in the background started talking about North Korea gearing up to attack South Korea - even down to theories on the strategies and weapons they would use. Then some "expert" assured us it would be a short war, although catastrophic.

    (CBS Evening News)

  2. From the DU article you sent me...

    previous development work over the last few years at Aerojet

    Aerojet - I got to work in a number of buildings there - their NASA and rocket engine division. I got to rub elbows with the engineers and get close up looks at various NASA thruster engines etc. and got to be in bunkers when they tested big rockets. Man made earthquakes when they fired the big ones!

    I also got to design and install the air conditioning in a control module that is part of the huge mobile launch pad the moves the shuttle out to the launch site.

    I knew they were into defense, sad to see they are working in this scope.

  3. Funny that there is bubkes about this Korea thing on al Jazeera....

    WHAT can that mean?

  4. Obama's nine surges in Afghanistan aren't as newsworthy as Tiger's 14 paramours.


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