12 December 2009

go kids go

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Hundreds arrested in Copenhagen
00:33 MECCA TIME, 21:33 GMT

Thousands of protesters have gathered in the Danish capital Copenhagen to call on governments at the UN global climate change summit to commit to a deal.

Police detained at least 900 people during demonstrations on Friday in which activists attempted to disrupt meetings between corporations and industry lobby groups, accusing them of being "climate criminals".

Most of the protesters arrested were masked youths dressed in black who threw bricks and firecrackers and smashed windows in the city centre.

Around 50 police in riot gear moved in, forcing the protesters to the ground and bundling them into vans.

Police later followed activists as they wound through the narrow streets of central Copenhagen to the sound of drums, whistles and horns and chants of "Our climate - Not your business".

The procession then split up, with activists fanning out to several locations, including the venue of a business conference.

Lars Borg, a Copenhagen police spokesman, said protesters did not reach the Bella Centre conference facility, where representatives from about 190 governments are negotiating a new global climate agreement.

Tania Page, Al Jazeera's correspondent reporting from Copenhagen, said the protests were largely peaceful.
"It has been a largely peaceful demonstration and something of a family affair really hoping to push home to the delegates here that the public won't stand for anything less than a firm concrete commitment and agreement to cut carbon emissions and to fork out the money to help poorer nations because they are the ones who are the front line of this," she said.

"There is still a level of confidence that there will be a political agreement by the end of the week but I don't think that anyone inside the conference believes there will be a legally binding agreement which is what the demonstrators are calling for.
Actually way more than just "thousands"....


  1. Oh Boy,

    I'm losing it!

    Went to the link, took forever for picture to come up in the video frame.

    Once the picture came up nothing more was happening - it was just froze!

    I kept clicking the play and pause buttons - nothing!

    Did the volume slider - in the player and on computer - still nothing.

    Screw this video...

    Oh wait - what's that?

    1:43 - 1:44 - 1:45 - 1:46 -- something is running - WTF?

    Oh - Look - the speakers are turned off! - Oh - its a still picture with video behind!


  2. I'd've picked a more mainstream video, but that one is the best rendition...


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