07 December 2009

high emotional noon

[click image, IT'S COLD TODAY!]

I was reading this post, and those it links, when an email about a psychotic old friend came in. I was in the middle of expressing my agony in response when there was a loud pounding at my door. FedEx with my new replacement computer. Left Shanghai four days ago. Went to Anchorage, Memphis, Sacramento, Eureka and landed here in the middle of me flipping about all this... just about exactly at noon.

So I'm going to be quiet for the next little while, transferring everything to my new machine, but I will be in a hurry about all of it so I can get back online, searching for ways to turn it away from destruction, poring over all cyberspace for the tear in the fabric of delusion through which sense might shine at last.


  1. Had I only known it was coming to Sacramento...

  2. Looks like you are deeply involved in the transfusion to your new 'puter.

    What fun! You should be getting real good at it now that you have had two practice runs!

    Going to freeze hard here tonight - possibly even into the teens.

  3. I haven't been able to get used to it because the software for migrating things from one to the next wouldn't work. This time I just got the genius on the phone to tell me how to copy the files and settings over without the whole migrating bullshit. Took a couple minutes.

    I watched "HOME" again on the new machine, full screen, while waiting for the call, and, whoa... MONSTER IMPROVEMENT!!!!!!!!!

    The problems with the screen on the old model do not exist on the new one. Praise the buddhas. Praise the buddhas.

    The spacebar on my new keyboard makes a terrible racket... so I'll just be switching this out for the one from the last machine and call that good.

    Denser pixel gig, of course, has thrown off my accustomed page view again, but it's going to help with my image gig... yes, yes, it is... all of it.


  4. Let's see. Yes. No more clacking space bar with the old new keyboard replacing the new new keyboard. Vastly preferable. They musta forgot a cushion for that key or something.

  5. Cool beans! Did they include a prepaid return label for send the old one back, or do you have to eat the shipping?

  6. Printed out a free label from FedEx and I have until 2 January to get it back to them before they charge my card. So I have the time to make sure I've got everything off from the "old" one and find the right kind of tape to tape up the return box and label...

    It's been a terrible hassle but I think we finally got back in the Apple zone. The fix-it genius has been EXTREMELY helpful and there haven't been any fuckups so far.

    Truly, the monitor problem is gone. If I could have my matte screen back I'd go to heaven, but this one is practically that perfect... if you can overlook the glossy part... which isn't so easy because even if you sneeze in the other room, a droplet finds its way to this glass....

  7. Comparing the older matte screens to the newer glossy ones at the store I must say the glossy ones are far superior in image quality - they really pop! - But the glare and reflection problems are a nuisance.


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