13 December 2009


[click image, Real Video, Democracy Now! for Friday, 11 December]



  1. Can't get Real Player to work...

    Tried Firefox & Internet Explorer - latest editions of both. Also updated Real Player.

    It just sits forever saying it is connecting.

    Cleared cache - no help.

  2. Here's a better link for you...

    I keep forgetting how to linking the day on the day there... so usually link the Real Player link, which works great for me. I don't know WHAT could be your continuing problem with that....

  3. Thanks,

    I shall try to remember to watch it tonight.

  4. It isn't anything particularly different than any other day, per se, it just seems to bring it home how hopeless this COP15 thing is right now. So that's why I think people should listen.

    I think I'm going to try to remember to just download the mp3 of the show each day and play it in the background of whatever I'm doing. I disagree with Amy on a lot of stuff, but she does a radically better job of covering really consequential stuff than just about anyone.


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