10 December 2009

obama wasn't going to copenhagen without it

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I can't stay happy about my machine.

Things are really horrible in this world. I'm wondering when it is best to just cease mentioning or thinking of our president as anyone who merits attention at all. He's not in charge of anything. People have been on hunger strike for over a month, having protested loudly everywhere, gotten arrested, pleaded with leaders, voted, met with others, donated to organizations, and this abjection is beyond wrong.

I'm listening to people talking about the "surge is bullshit but maybe he really thinks it will work" and "healthcare is too expensive" and "climategate is just a shame when there's so much at stake" and they are so fucking hypnotized I can't stand that I can't reach through my monitor and throttle them in mid-sentence.

There are people from the third world in Copenhagen to get the money to build sea walls to keep the ocean out of their homes. There are people whose farmlands go from too flooded to work to too dry to grow anything and back again, without giving them a chance to get a crop at all anymore. Farmers in Australia and India are committing suicide. And Obama wasn't going to Copenhagen without this "Danish text" we weren't supposed to know about....

Jesus. Fuck.


  1. Well you certainly aren't talking about the promises he made 14 months ago!

  2. Something to ponder - I've only given it a quick once over. Also see other pertaining stuff in his "Recent" list.

    Let me know what you think...


  3. Who wrote the code for this commenting? Sheesh!

    Half the time, in order to paste or add html code, I must type at least one letter in the edit box, insert my name etc., preview the comment then close the preview box before I can paste etc.

    Other times it is no problem at all.

  4. Okay. I now have a bunch of articles about the Danish Text to wade through, but my contacts just went dry and I'm forced into not seeing so well mode until I get that little disaster fixed.

    And as for the commenting thing, I can't express my hatred enough, and continually must remind myself it is better than continuing to suffer the depredations of JS Kit's outrageous attack on the sanctity of the finally functional HaloScan. They said they couldn't give me back my old form HaloScan, after having imposed their new form on me arbitrarily, WITHOUT my permission, and they not only were fucking up the comments, but they were fucking up my template code.

    I am hoping that I will come across another means that does it for me, without all the rest of the crap, but I think that will have to wait for me becoming solvent enough to afford my own site, afford someone to make my comments the way I want them.


    Or I have to write a bestseller and rake in huge sums....


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