26 December 2009

pilger's socialism 2009 speech again

[click image, video lecture, half hour]

I am reminded again this morning of this speech I know I linked before, but think that link may be broken, and you need to hear it again anyway... I do... we all do. George Kenney reminded me:
Being lied to on such a breathtaking scale is something of a shock. Clearly, most people on the left are still struggling to wrap their minds around the huge disconnect between what Mr. Obama says and what he does. But having more context from his personal background, which anchors the deception, could make it a little easier to accept and to deal with.
Indeed. Who's working on the bombshell Pilger dropped?

[Any who would prefer to read the transcript of the Pilger speech, it's linked at Kenney's post... which may end up being your resort here, because YouTube is not liking to download this video whole. I have had to refresh the page and move the gizzy on the player bar to where it stopped the last time three times now... and am finally almost all the way through it again. Maybe all the kiddies on there today are messing with the strength and speed of downloading, or my computer is being pissy about videos again... dunno... but... well... the whole speech is there and it might just be a little harder to play than usual....]

At a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. —George Orwell

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