12 December 2009

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I particularly liked this because it discusses a bit the idiocy of mathematical modeling for certain aspects of the climate catastrophe thing, which, while scary to discuss when so many are avid to deny it, nonetheless is truthful and truthfulness is needed above any other single factor in this mess. I also liked it because the guy is speaking in terms much more easily understood by the average person, and makes the problem crystal clear to all of the fucking ninnies who are decrying action on this crisis, despite not arguing with the science. They just don't seem to grok that while it's great to insist on appropriate action, it just worse than doesn't cut it to only be wailing about the plutocrats trying to get rich off this.

Bottom line: So the fuck what? THIS IS NOT A DRILL....


Though somewhat vexed to find Chris Floyd being the only one who seems to have taken in the full meaning of the Danish Text, and wondering why he almost invariably invokes the invariably dyspeptic and stultifyingly verbose Arthur Silber, I will take it. I find him answering someone in the comments thread fairly pleasingly too:
The question is not whether the climate is changing; it is. Nor whether humankind has decisively contributed to this change, and to the deterioration of the environment; we have. The main problem is that the rich and powerful will take any situation and turn it to their own profit, to the vast detriment of everyone else. Practically every single study or report by "global warming skeptics" is underwritten, directly or indirectly, by huge corporate interests who profit from climate change denial. On the other hand, almost all of the mechanisms for mitigating the worst effects of climate change turn out to be ways to make profits for the rich and powerful and well-connected, without actually decreasing pollution and its effects.
So I'm herewith getting over myself about him enough to link him for this.

So there is at least one other person as outraged as I am about that crap. While I've no need to search around to try to validate my own insight, take its measure off the words of others, it does make the cyberscape seem less forbidding and overpopulated with the exhibitionistically deluded. That helps.


Okay. Now I'm gonna get paranoid. From somewhat further down the comments thread, also by Chris:
Ever heard of cancer? It's just the natural process of cell reproduction, which is essential for life, etc. But once it gets hold of you and throws your system into a deadly unbalance, you can sit there and deny it's happening until you're blue in the face. It's still killing you all the same.

Finally, to repeat a point I believe has already been made in the comments: It is entirely possible to believe that our grubby, second-rate elites will try to use climate change to augment their power while also acknowledging the reality of climate change. One stance doesn't cancel out the other.
Do you think Chris Floyd is reading my blog and stealing my ideas?



  1. Hmmmmmmmm..........I steal your ideas whenever possible!

  2. You are indeed the most shameless thief I ever met in my whole life! You don't even bother to express your gratitude for this largess! You INGRATE you! If I didn't love you so much I would beat you over the head with a cast iron skillet, yes, yes, I surely would!

  3. I'm against hat tips. I'm a thief and everyone knows it! My whole blog is thievery! I'm a thief in the night.

  4. Then don't express yer gratitude, express yer INGRATITUDE!... let everybody know all about the awfultude of your thieving ways! Not just THAT you are a thief, but what élite it is from whom you steal! BOAST about it!


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