09 December 2009

the slightly psychedelic neck thing

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I am way so rockin' out while making this machine do stuff that made the last one lock up and honk at me. Doin' my stretches into my camera testing too. Looks like we get a spot of the psychedelic again when it's only the flash reaching the skin, but that's still a big improvement over the camera in the last one. Daylight and twilight are fine, but when it's full-on night time, still gotta try to smudge out the rainbow spots.... I'm glad I am a monkey woman, too....

Have I mentioned yet tonight how great the speakers are in this puppy?


  1. Looks like we get a spot of the psychedelic again when it's only the flash reaching the skin,

    It has a flash?

    Looks like illumination from what you are viewing on the screen.

  2. Speaking of psychedelic...

    Have you seen this?

    Mystery lights over Norway

  3. I had NOT seen that! I have not been doing my usual thing online... sorta trying to clean out my head and the last computer to pack up and send back, and test stuff on this new one, and have been spiritually exhausted from the IDIOTS on Brad Blog. So I sure had NOT seen that.

    My first thought was a headline I saw the other day about the Russians perfecting weather control. My second thought was that something fell into the atmosphere that doesn't act like regular matter when it hits the atmosphere. My third thought was that it is a hoax. My fourth thought was that the space titans who exiled us here took pity on our climate problems and are beaming down repairs. I'll be thinking about it some more while I go to the store.


  4. There's a light in a big Japanese ball over my head here, and the flash for the camera here just turned the color on everything completely off, especially skin, especially the skin where the light was not hitting... mostly under my chin... all splotchy psychedelic... worse at night than in the day, but still bad all the time. This one seems to be doing true colors when there's more ambient light and only messing up a little at night.

    This machine is in every way, except the shiny screen, superior to the last incarnation... and I really think I was getting the last of that last... getting sent units from a bad batch... or a bad manufacturing contractor. This one has more gigs of hardrive, 8 gigs of RAM, even more processing speed and, while there are still glitches in some of the programs... from the new release OS... it's just radically better than the last ones... way more like you expect from Mac.

    So maybe I don't have to kill myself now.

  5. 8 gigs of RAM - that's 32 times what I'm running on here. LOL

  6. This is really impressive. But, as you well know, I have been utterly immobilized for months to pull it off... plus unable to fix the heater in my car. I went to the store with two big thick coats on and knit gloves, wishing I had a ski cap or ear muffs.... My heating bill may get bad enough to put me immobile till next summer!

    At the store I was gazing longingly at a jug of brandy on sale... and at some particularly sexy seafood that was more money than the brandy... basically filled momentarily with the urge to go back to childhood, not to worry or think of this shit. Of course, I would be back trying to eat up every possible bit of candy and gazing longingly at jars of cocktail cherries....

    Luckily I don't get these urges very often anymore, but the grocery store, mostly full of poison I don't want, can still be a trial when there's really good food there that no way can I even think about buying....

  7. The gimmick here is the discount cards.

    They tell you you are saving huge amounts by using the card, but the "Normally" price is so inflated it is ridiculous. The discounted price is the same or only slightly less than at competing stores.

    Yesterday I saw bone-in rib eye steaks - 3 lb. package Normally $12.99/lb - with discount card $5.99/lb. - you save $21.

    The much smaller, independent store near my house has them for $6.99/lb all the time.

    Nowhere have I ever seen them for $12.99!


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