02 December 2009

they call us "idealists"

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... as though the ideal is only fiction, not ideal at all....


  1. Petition to congress urging a NO vote on any bill to finance Obama's escalation.

  2. Well. I know you're usually the pessimist and I'm usually the starry-eyed idealist in these matters, but, well, excuse me, but been-there-done-that-ripped-the-tee-shirt-to-shreds. They fucking NEVER do anything beside what they're paid to do... and I DON'T mean their salaries. The best we get, when we've kicked up the biggest fuss, is some theatrics before they go right on ahead with their vampire capitalism full throttle.

  3. My neighbor and I were just talking about how maybe bombing our way back to the Stone Age might not be such a bad idea after all....

    I love how the jackasses assume that graves with gold jewelry in them indicate an upper class, or ruling class. They have bubkes in the way of evidence that such ancient people "prized" gold OR the shells they go on about. They mention this all was from before writing. Well, not really. They were writing in China in 5000 BC. They just make this shit up on the spot, just spew because they can.

  4. 99 re the petition - Yeah, I know. but still I keep signing and passing 'em on.


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