17 December 2009

what a mess

[click image, Democracy Now!, one hour]

I've mustered the spit to watch the news... to watch Democracy Now! again today... and, well, I'm still watching and it's just appalling out there. I am heartened considerably, though, to see all the protesters hanging in there in Copenhagen. No matter what else, that is important.

Amy interviews Evo Morales, who is eerily perfectly in accord with me on everything he talks about here.

Today's broadcast ends it with a wallop so hard it buckled my knees.


  1. Off the Grid12/19/09, 9:45 AM

    I usually can't stand DepressingMeNow with Amy Gatekeeper, but this FUCKIN' Rocked. My first thought on hearing Obummer speak was "Jesus.Fuck. It's the same tone as W." I HOPE this country finds the spine to support a third party.

  2. Ya think maybe they've taken to giving presidents implants?

    A third party will do NO good. They will be forced into the same mold as the first two... even assuming the media would let them get there.

    We gotta find the spine for a lot more than that.

  3. Off the Grid12/20/09, 12:21 PM

    Implants, no.

    I think it's called American sociopath. It's a new race.


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