01 January 2010

listen to this and start screaming

[click image of NOT A LAP BOMBER, audio, half hour]

Like I said before, it's more plausible that the Lap Bomber wasn't a bomber at all... more like drugged... or thinking he was part of some drill. There were other guys involved and law enforcement has formally come out and lied their heads off about it. This is not a drill. This is not a drill. This is another fucking false flag.


No. Seeeriously. Call yer local stations. Pitch a fit. Don't let the lies turn into the basis for so many more deaths we can't ever tell the truth, even when we know it. Make all kinds of noise. Right now. Don't wait. Don't be shy. Yell.

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  1. I scream every time I see it in print or hear it on TV.

    This morning in the Bee a headline refered to the fact that we are fighting two wars.


    Try five wars!


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