12 February 2010

at least one complete falsehood in this piece

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I know for a fact their internet was working just fine. If there's any basis for these reports, they are greatly exaggerated... and I mean that to include the crap coming from Karoubi and Mousavi.... They're taking blatant advantage of your mental conditioning to make you think these men are good guys being oppressed by fiends. While the Iranian regime may be seriously flawed, they are NOT, or WERE not before our destabilization efforts went into full throttle, the repressive fucks they've been made out to be.


  1. "And it is an unprecedented and overwhelming step, using force to intimidate their own people and to restrict the freedom of assembly and the freedom of expression.


    Just like here in America!

  2. I have been stumping for somebody to move with me to Iceland for a bunch of years now. It may be cold there, but they have hot tubs and natural spas everywhere, PLUS ultra-fast internet and power so dirt cheap it's almost free. We could be happy hermit codgers there for the rest of our days... AND gaze at John's peace tower every winter. WTF are we waiting for?




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