18 February 2010

big 9/11 doings tomorrow

[click image]

Go see! They'll be streaming from 11am Pacific Time... and maybe you can sign the petition and help propel this into the public eye... or maybe even donate a little cash....

Right after I got done fooling with this strange image, the glue gave out on my frames. So now I put some different glue on there and clamped the frame with one of those muscular black paperclip gizzies. I have no confidence that it will work, but I'm pretty sure the new ones I ordered today won't be arriving for at least a few days.

Now I can take my contacts out and use my readers for the computer, and then maybe put on THREE pair of glasses to read... or I can leave in my contacts and wear my readers and just keep my face really CLOSE to my monitor....

Ain't life grand?

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  1. Didja see this?



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