10 February 2010

could it possibly all be just a cry for help?

[click image of president with those bulging veins in his temple, doing that telekinesis thing where he wills yer synapses to fire]

This is so bad, you really have to sit back and ask questions like this. That thirty-year-old conspiracy is not bothering to cover itself at all, and maybe the president is helping to make sure it's uncovered. I swear I can't fathom how so many people could be thick-witted enough to just sit back and take this.
Few Washington developments in recent weeks establish the parameters of “change you can believe in” better than this: following the resignation of Phil Carter, the White House is reportedly prepared to tap William Lietzau as the new deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs. Lietzau served as an aide to William J. Haynes II, the David Addington protégé who was Donald Rumsfeld’s lawyer at the Pentagon. In this role, he played a central role in creating a harsh new environment for prisoners taken in the war on terror, including the crafting of rules for a military commission that were subsequently overturned by the Supreme Court.
I think maybe I oughta get in bed before I find any more. I'm going to get mad at you all over again if I don't put a lid on it right away.


  1. Yep, more change we can believe in. Hell he even think that it's OK if wall street puts a budle money in their own pockets because they're so smart. WTF is with that?

  2. Certain personnel decisions are forced on the President. Does anyone really think Obama *wanted* Poppy Bush's CIA director to be Secretary of Defense?

  3. I want to know the answer to that question OUD! WTF us going on? If this got more like the competent version of Bush/Cheney I would spontaneously combust... I so AM spontaneously combusting. This is fucking macabre... and the ONLY thing that explains it is that Kerrey admission you linked. THE ONLY EXPLANATION. There are NO more.

    I'm drinking. I'm at Mom's and I'm plastered.


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