20 February 2010

dazzling theory

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I have resumed my attention to the paranoid schizophrenia end of the UFO/conspiracy purveyors on the tubes. I watched a video last night about a whistleblower who purports to have mistakenly attended some Illuminati meeting or other... like you could get into something like that accidentally... but does not give his name or their names. Just passes the word up to us that the plan is to get Israel to nuke Iran, and then have a limited nuclear exchange in the ME. He says the Iranians already have nuclear weapons. The Chinese have given them to them. That when Israel nukes Iran, Iran will nuke Israel. And, of course, we will get in on the action. Then there's a long and contorted scheme for killing off most Chinese with a specially-designed-for-their-DNA virus, too. The joke being, "The Chinese will catch a cold." And, supposedly, it's not until after all that that WWIII will start. The urgency is great. These Illuminati are behind schedule. The intention is to first reduce the world population by 50%... before pressing on to get the global population well under a billion people.

Fascinating how all this inscrutable evil excites the mind, innit?

Anyway, I was struck by the notion of the Chinese already haven given nuclear warheads to Iran... or going to have given them before this comes to a head. That is, I think, a distinct possibility I never took into consideration before. I have thought their open defiance was based on spiritual superiority to the murderating fucks in charge here, but it could well also be that they are feeling secure for other, less enlightened, reasons. Still they would be spiritually superior because they have not used them, nor threatened anything but self-defense, despite some darn dire provocations....

So, anyway, you will understand why I don't link some of this stuff I come across on my field trips out the tubes, but I wanted to mention this notion to help keep our brains from hardening around what we can make of the crap we're being fed. I know that even when I know there is something filthy or fishy behind something, waaaaay too often I turn out to have fallen short in my estimation of what that might be. You can't omit the quiet ones. China and Iran are allies. China feels very, very little allegiance to us, and no reason on earth we should assume it would properly be otherwise. So this point is well worth contemplating.

Plus, I feel compelled to add, if we don't get busy reversing all this shit we already know is going on, this Illuminati plan is a FINE solution to the manmade climate change problem. Personally, I still don't understand what is wrong with just sterilizing masses of people and letting natural attrition take it from there... except that there's not much profit in that route... and it's not very exciting... but, for a time, there'd at least be the manpower to deal with the specific infrastructure needs of the surviving population....


  1. I have my doubts that China would do that but then again we are the only one that give away secrets. Isn't that what Plume was working on until her cover was blown. China can get even other ways like helping N. Korea with food/$ so the US has no carrot to offer. They have done this in other parts of the world also and the other day stop being the largest holder of $ with a massive sale off them. Oh well back to the garden.

  2. What makes me think it could well be true is the common belief that we wish to get control over ME oil, precisely to keep it away from places like China and Russia... and whether that's true or not... I don't think China wants to even chance it. The whole Caspian area is fraught with evil maneuvering to reroute pipelines and build new ones, and the directions they point are hotly contested by corporate fuckheads. China is NOT insensitive to this stuff and may feel they can obviate WWIII by giving Iran its deterrent capability.

    It has seemed apparent to me for a long time that the membership of the SCO [Shanghai Cooperation Organization] states have been all about halting further aggression from the U.S. and Iran is ALWAYS invited to attend their meetings, while we are expressly prohibited from even sending someone to audit their meetings. They are definitely working on strengthening the Asian bloc against our perfidies, and making sure Iran can retaliate as strongly as they keep stating they will would HAVE to be part of all that. It might even be that this is why we are suddenly doing stuff to antagonize China when we have needed them to stay friendly with us VERY badly.

    I don't know if it's true, and if they did it, they certainly wouldn't want to advertise it in advance, would want to leave that for the very last moment, because it would ignite so much hostility that still has a slim chance of being avoided.

    I think it is extremely salient that Obama, after doing everything he can to ramp up the rhetoric against Iran and its regime, suddenly came out and called bullshit on their announcement of enriching to 20%. That was a gift dropped in his lap with very fancy wrapping and a gorgeous big bow, but he treated it like a plastic turd? Very fishy. Very fishy.


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