28 February 2010

get over it 2.0

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Confirmed and reconfirmed and reconfirmed and reconfirmed....

Believe me, I know how it feels to loathe the president... and his enforcers... but if I were Iranian I would loathe the people behind the ugly ruse that caused SO much trouble, SO much heartache, even more....


  1. The ugly ruse has been going on for a long long time.


  2. Was there a particular bit at that link you meant? Or just the site in general?

  3. I would recommend reading Jeff Gates' entire site. I think it's a weath of information as to the extent that countries around the world and especially the U.S. have been suckered by Isreal.

    One particular good read is the preview to his book "Guilt by association".

    The chapter about the USS Liberty (McCain family cover-up) is just sick!!!


  4. Thanks. I started to watch the documentary the other night, embedded elsewhere, but the narration was too soporific for me and wasn't telling me anything I didn't already know... but I listened to the whole thing tonight and still didn't get much from it, but I'm sure people new to ACTUALITY will. So I'll keep an eye on the site.

  5. Why did Israel turn down an offer to become a state?

    Because then they'd have only *two* Senators.


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