04 February 2010

i like so way spoke too soon

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My cabin blew up.

Right as I was posting about not blowing it up.

It blew up.

Actually... I posted the last post... boiling... and this weirdly congruent and sickening pop and screamy kind of fizzing noise happened behind me. It was the cord to the heater lighting up like, well, like fast. I very quickly doused it with my jug of drinking water as the breaker finally flipped, a heartbeat away from full conflagration mode. The only damage was the cord and a cabin full of toxic smoke from the plastic, but it was a big flip-out around here for a little while.

They moved me to a new postage stamp. Now I'm sipping some brandy and, well, alive....

Sheesh. I really gotta watch my temper....


  1. LOL -

    no time right now...

    I'll come back and tell you of the back hall mystery fire.

  2. Our "Back Hall" leads from the bedroom areas to the kitchen and the back door to the house. Since we also have a sliding door to the back yard this door has been abandoned and the area used for storage etc.
    One night Rin walked into the kitchen and found the items in the back hall on fire. The broom which was leaning against the wall was on fire as were the box of recycled papers and other items around the perimeter of the area. She was able to douse the flames with water from the kitchen sink.
    Upon further investigation we found that all of the burning was on the sides of items facing the walls and the next day we also noticed two burn marks on the carpet further down the hall.
    I checked out the water heater which is in a closet off of the hall and found no signs of the ignition coming from it. Also a check of the gas pipe to the stove showed no signs of leaks.
    It was a total mystery for a few days until the next time I went to use the oven.
    The oven wouldn't light so I pulled out the broiler drawer to check the pilot light. I found the pilot was out and also found several mouse droppings in the broiler tray. At the back of the oven, where the gas pipe goes in, there is a round hole about 1 1/2" in diameter.

    The theory is that a mouse had got into the broiler, came in contact with the pilot light, caught on fire and ran around the back hall between the wall and the items which were burning and then down the hall to the carpeted area where it died and was disposed of by the cats.

  3. Or somebody in the house was REALLY mad.... :-P


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