06 February 2010

i'm sorry

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This is a perfectly nice and informative piece, by someone I'm sure is a perfectly marvelous fellow, but, pfeh, please. Does he, does ANYONE think for a minute that everyone remotely involved with the Senate isn't PERFECTLY aware of this? THEY WANT THE REPUBLICANS FILIBUSTERING. Fuck. It is PERFECT political cover for not delivering on the mandate we gave them. There can't really be ANY confusion about this anymore, can there? Can there? Lobbyists pay these people fantastic sums not to deliver on our mandates. How can they get away with it if they don't keep the filibuster?


Snap out of it, will you?

Take a quiz... coupla trick questions in there....


  1. Here's Your Score: You correctly answered 12 of the 12 possible questions along with approximately 2% of the public. You did better than 98% of the general public.

    You're right it's the corp. demos way of saying they can't get anything done and can't be blamed. I love Dodd the other day saying that they can't fix wall street because wall street wasn't helping them. I guess they didn’t bring enough money to Dodd or he forgot he’s in charge not ws. Sad.

  2. I can't decide between thinking they're doing us a favor by being so openly completely lame or if they actually don't realize their lameness is this apparent.... Drives me nuts. Sad, at least! More like HORRIFIC. All this stuff, anyway, makes it easier to bear that my father is in such bad shape, doesn't have to pay attention to this shit. It is truly about the time when the living start envying the dying.


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