13 February 2010

i'm sorta fried

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Got up when the sun blasted me in the face and fumbled around for coffee and pills, etc, etc, etc... and faced the travesty of my mother's PC. Spent about four hours on that and then hit it to go across the lake to be with Poppa. It was a gorgeous day here today. Very springlike, and great weather for dawdling out on the patio with cigarettes and coffee. So we did. Then I went and got him all his favorite bits of fast food. The milk shake from the one that does real ice cream. The burger from where there's enough ketchup, but not a lot of sloppy shit. And the fries from where they're really potatoes.

There was a completely trashed kid standing out in the fast food ghetto with a "hungry" sign. Musta been 6'6" and every inch covered with grime. Huge backpack and bedroll. I just bought him a double cheeseburger meal at McDonald's and rushed back to go eat our secret stuff with my dad.

We watched a stupid John Wayne movie. My dad loves looking at the horses and the cattle drives, the cowboy hats, the west. Doesn't give much of a fig for the characters, but the critters and the atmosphere matter. Then we hit his secret stash of soda pop, and then it was time to tear myself away. I left him in his tee shirt and shorts, brushing his teeth, promising to bring him his dog tomorrow.

I'm not having to try that hard not to kill my mother. I just don't want to be mean to anyone... even unbelievably selfish fucks who need to wake up to the cruelty they send waffling out into the ocean of karma. Hell, I even poked my nose in yonder where all the assholes snipe back and forth at each other for drill, and fixed a trainwreck on one of their threads for them.

I'm trying to decide between having a drink and catching up on some of my listening, or getting in bed with my pile of magazines and trying to blot out the blaring Olympics blather in the background....


  1. Fucking War Pigs!

    Nato has confirmed that two rockets fired at militants during its offensive in Helmand, south Afghanistan, missed their target and killed 12 civilians.

  2. I tell you, NOTHING will stop these fuckers except millions of Americans FORCING THEM. You know damn well people like this do not stop until brute force stops them. Everyone knows that. WTF is holding us bacK?

    Maybe they should start showing John Wayne movies again... something... anything... whutever.... We can't really even just blame the war pigs anymore because this is taking us so long.


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