14 February 2010

no prob

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If you live in the US, for example, the impression spawned by the corporate media is that Chávez’s Venezuela is falling apart. No water; no electricity; brutal police repression of “peaceful” student marches; media being closed; no food in the supermarkets; wholesale expropriations; Chávez’s support hits 30%; mass homicides every week; collapsing economy – in fact everything is going wrong except for a war with Colombia, which according to the crazy opposition press here, Chávez wants to start by invading Colombia!

As former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone said back in 2006, the only way Chávez can be opposed is by lying. In contrast to this assertion, the truth is that if things are so bad in Venezuela then why has the opposition, apparently with their tails up, not approached the National Elections Council (CNE) to collect signatures to trigger another presidential recall referendum? The Venezuelan constitution entitles them to do this.
Lying comes so much more easily here than the truth....

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