23 February 2010

part five

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If something messes up with the link this time I'm calling the police.
To distract and divide us, they use rhetoric on social issues like religion, gay marriage, abortion, etc., all serious and significant issues that we bitterly disagree on, but in the overall picture, these issues are secondary to the larger, more fundamental political and economic issues that lead to our wealth being stolen from us, and ultimately, our lives being increasingly dominated by a small few.
I think DeGraw is quite young—but I don't know—and obviously, I am very impressed with his insight and powers of communication. He's putting this series in a book form and I do believe I will bestir myself to make a picture link in my sidebar to help facilitate the sales of this book and donations to his site.

I just can't stress hard enough that our problems are MUCH more vital than these screaming partisan wedge issue addictions nobody can calm down about. It's as though we ALL realize that to solve this will involve risking life and limb and so we cling the harder to the safety of this obedient polemicizing that means certain doom... only just more slowly... only with a vague hope of surviving, however unhappily and abjectly. The reasoning behind this is so SERIOUSLY flawed—so seriously a product of the lizard brain, the limbic system, that little knob at the top of the spinal canal common to all creatures with brains, that is supposedly covered with all kinds of fancy brain parts with elegant functions that free humans from the too frequently calamitous consequences of being governed by this completely unreasoning section of our brains—that my breath becomes irregular and shallow while trying to take in its extent. There are some people who are thought of as quite intelligent who have succumbed utterly to this reptilian witlessness. Not even mentioning to them that this has been purposely cultivated by extremely nasty pros seems to haul them up from it for a moment's view of the situation, a quantum of good old frontal cortex sanity.

I am beside myself.

It's so clear.

Nobody seems capable of stopping themselves.

So you might get an idea why DeGraw's work is important to me.


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