10 February 2010

public service announcement

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People ask me this all the time....

Part of why I quit yonder. Between the dirt ignorance posing as journalism and the kamikaze sophistry on the threads, and this question in one form or another over and over and over.... The Buddhist canon is shot through with warnings not to waste time, not to sink vital energy into that karma. So. I listened.

I'm probably sunk anyway but don't need to work so hard to sink myself. And I need all the juice wasted in exasperation over there for positive manifestation. All of it. And more.

It isn't just His Bradness. Not by a country mile. It's just about every liberal blog. And the conservative ones go without saying by now, I'm sure. People just put whatever spin they want on the general mental conditioning being sprinkled liberally onto the mass consciousness daily, create their own preferred mode of sophistry to peddle, thus improving on the think tanks' and spin doctors' evil mass mind control efforts far beyond their most lavish expectations... not for a nanosecond feeling the remotest unease about doing this, either.

I hope you sit down and listen deeply to this PSA, meditate on it as though it were the toughest koan to crack in the ten directions. Everyone's lives are depending on it.

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