06 February 2010

scientific proof

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While indica does not make me psychotic, it turns me into a piece of furniture worried about breathing, and this would seem to furnish some sort of chemical explanation for why sativa makes me happy and affable and indica is such a damn drag I have no interest in going there.

The good news for all you maniacs spiraling in the doldrums is that you can, you should switch to sativa. Indica smacks you to the floor and sativa makes you float. Commonly, people believe this means the skunk gives you more bang for your buck. This is wrong. The lightness is not lack of strength. It is enjoyable, uplifting... and healthier.

Indica: leaves tending to forest green with red hairs.

Sativa: leaves tending to chartreuse with purple hairs.

If you only ever see them dried and ready to smoke, google around for images to help you tell the difference.


  1. I prefer sativa for daytime and indica for evening, but most everything grown around here these days is a hybrid.

    The author calls indica a "newer strain." Maybe it's new in his neighborhood, but it's certainly not new on the planet. It may well be the original species, as it is native to Asia, where most think the plant first appeared. Sativa, which is taller and less frost resistant, is native to equatorial zones.

  2. Well I knew one of the guys who went to Afghanistan back in the sixties and brought back to Mendo World seeds of indica, sativa and ruderalis. Made Mendocino famous. So all three may have been native to Asia.

    But I bet any pot club guy could put you in touch with someone who grows sativa. Used to be that the growers grew the skunk hybrid for sales, but grew sativa for themselves, and I know the LA pot clubs carry all different types and hybrids and probably even sell the seeds.

  3. I think you're mistaken about ruderalis seeds from Afghanistan. Look up the word ruderal.

    The hybrids from our collective are just fine. Pot clubs charge way too much anyway. That's why they don't do well here in Mendoland. Street price undercuts store price.

  4. No, no. I am most emphatically not mistaken about ruderalis. I know it by heart because Buzz held forth on the subject at length, many's the night 'round the fire... trying to educate the next generation. Indica is a lead weight. Sativa is a happy, chatty, floaty high. Ruderalis is mainly used to make hash. I can't remember how many guys went, but I'm thinking it was three, and Buzz was one of them. They went to Afghanistan and brought back those three types of seeds. They were the guys who originally made Mendocino famous for our dope... before even people became obsessive about keeping the males away. Buzz planted his stuff right in the yard around his house, blended in with all kinds of fancy bushes and trees with the same infrared footprint. The guy was AMAZING. And, believe me, all the growers I ever knew kept growing the sativa for themselves. It's da kine.

  5. I have not heard of anyone growing ruderalis in Mendo World for thirty years. I think only the original guys did it and stopped because it isn't nearly as impressive. You have to do the whole hashish boogie to it before it gets good, and nobody wanted to bother with that.

  6. As the author of the original article, I'd point out that the "newer strains" referred to are strains (not just species and subspecies) the have been selectively bred in the last decade or so, and known in Australia and the UK as "skunk".

    And by the way, given the traffic from this post, readers here might be interested in a more recent one on "gateway drugs", a charge commonly made against cannabis. Recent research suggests that adolescent overconsumption of sugar might be the gateway drug to addictions of various kinds, including cocaine. Tell reactionary elected representatives to put THAT in their pipe and smoke it!

  7. Thanks Dave. Old Uncle Dave will freak when he reads that! :-P


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