18 February 2010

somebody stop me before i starve to death!

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Had to drive down to Not-Perfect to refill my prescriptions, go to the bank, pay some bills, get some stuff from the health food store... and, even though extended to the max with my birthday goodies thing already, I again succumbed to what I have always referred to as my sock fetish... on monster sale again... but... well... while looking for a good sock video for you, I was SHOCKED to find that there is an entire porn market for sock fetish people. OMG! I'm not sexually attracted to socks! I just love wearing lots of ultra-soft socks. In fact, if there is any connection to my sex life it is that I tend to wear more socks at a time when I'm not doing that... but... sheesh. Is there no bottom to human weirdness?


  1. Is there no bottom to human weirdness?

    I had a co-worker once who expounded on the virtues of sniffing girl's bicycle seats!

    For real!

    The dude was weird! Maybe because his father was a mortician?

  2. .
    That would account for it! Very few morticians are not weird. There are a few, but mostly they are very strange.

    I'm remembering the drought back in the seventies. We were having to take fewer and shorter showers... which meant we all began smelling a bit riper. There was a big uptick in the already outrageous attention from men thing for me then. So it must be the nose is more important to our sex drives than we ever thought.

    I was always crazy to wear 86's dirty sweatshirts and to stick my face in his pillow when he'd go off to work at four in the morning... but SOCKS? Bicycle seats? Please.

  3. We were hiking near Lake Clementine and came across a pile of clothing under some bushes. Upon closer inspection we discovered it was all woman's underwear. 100's of panties and bras.


  4. Well, haven't you ever heard of the Lake Clementine Lingerie Dump? Pfeh! Don't you KNOW anything?



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