24 February 2010

something to deeply enjoy

[click image, video, hour and a half]

I found this lecture soothing. I downloaded it and listened to it in bed very late last night. It is an extremely entertainingly-told story about the kind of man this planet needs in abundance. Joseph Needham should NOT have been exceptional. He, mostly, had the knack for being the kind of ordinary most humans don't imagine is ordinary. So even though he is being presented as an exceptional and eccentric character here, what was most soothing to me was to hear about the life of a man performing somewhere akin to ordinary human potential. That it is rare is a pity.

Yes, I'm saying we should not be so impressed by guys like this who are functioning at or around ordinary human capacity, but I can't help but love hearing about one anyway.

It usually is better to download the mp4 and listen from your video player because then you can skip through the stultifyingly boring intros of academe, but in this one it's relatively painless, taking up only five minutes.

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