07 February 2010

well, so much for that 'don't be evil' shtick

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Simply hosting [a No More Blood For Oil] message on one’s bumper was cause enough to remove two attendees at Bush’s 2005 speech at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum in Colorado. The White House had a policy of excluding those who did not agree with the president from his public appearances. It’s a policy a federal appeals court is upholding in a decision a dissenting judge decried as “simply astounding.”
... to put it mildly....


  1. And who protects Google from the NSA?

  2. I'm thinking they're already interchangeable anyway....

  3. Google hired a technical liaison with the NSA years ago.

    It came out, at the time, because of several indiscreet references in the online Job Description.


  4. Yuh. I've been noticing for years how well Google's online gig serves the government's minutest need-to-know every flippin' thing about any particular person... how so many of these supposedly wonderful conveniences for storing images and labeling them and social networking tricks and free online document storage, etc, etc, etc... all play into instant retrieval of massive amounts of information the police could never get put all together, even with warrants, before they started stocking all our computers and all the free online stuff with all these giddy-making "conveniences".... So there hasn't been any doubt in MY mind, but this pretty well joins the Citizens United decision and other marvelous recent occurrences for the frank fascism thing....

    No sense in hiding it very carefully anymore, not when everyone is already trained so well to call it something else....

  5. everyone is already trained so well to call it something else.

    Ah Ha!

  6. Yep, and don't you doubt it, and don't you forget it! Try to remind people who keep defaulting to the notion that this is a democratic republic that, no, that's only what we CALL it. What it really is is an oligarchy, a fascist oligarchy. Chapter and verse. The more people who wake up to that, the better chance there will be of ever changing it. The wars won't stop and the climate will not get attention unless and until we fix this.

    You might be noticing them announcing huge rate hikes for health insurance right now... trying to get the public behind the mandatory health insurance premium thing... fascism... that's fascism. FEWER PEOPLE WILL BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO GET CARE. We will have to pay the insurance premiums, but they won't have to give us anything for it. No caps on premiums. No caps on copays. So people will be forced to pay that or a fine PLUS sicken and die of no medical attention.

    Motherfuckers! ALL of them.

    JOIN A TEA PARTY! Spend all your time explaining the difference between fascism and socialism. They're mad about the same things we are, or we SHOULD be. SERIOUSLY! Don't let the Democratic sheep herders peer pressure you into being afraid to yell about this.

    All our lives are in the balance.


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