19 February 2010

why don't we pretend we're trying to pass a test

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What would it hurt if we decided that space aliens were waiting for us to start acting like true humans before they let us into the cosmic community? Wouldn't that motivate people? WHAT would motivate people? I'm thinking this could work. The thought of paradise in the hereafter motivates a LOT of Christians, but wouldn't the possibility of paradise on earth, paradise everywhere, tend to make people want to stand up and perform?

Did I put too much brandy in my smoothie?


  1. Perhaps we who advocate peace love and understanding are the ones not acting like true humans.

  2. I really think that IS the case! It's all OBVIOUSLY a front for pusillanimity! Any ADULT knows you can't have those things unless you are willing to ENFORCE them. Any ADULT knows there are nefarious greedheads who will FOREVER try to, and succeed at, making life hell for everyone else for money and/or glory, UNLESS they are stopped by whatever means it TAKES. So, for sure, the peace, love and understanding bit is horseshit, is code for DON'T HURT ME.

    That's perfectly crystal clear.



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