16 March 2010

code pink take note

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There might be more meaningful ways to go about this....

Yuh, I know how hard it is to let go of yer deepest hopes enough to see truly. I so do. When he made that speech I was standing in the middle of my living room in my happy home with 86, and my breath hitched and jerked, tears started flying out my eyes when he got to "I am my brother's keeper. I am my sister's keeper." So I know what it costs to see reality. Don't think I'm not every bit as hurt as you are. Don't think it for a moment.

Don't even listen to the crap about how he told us he was going to do all this. He did not. He said a thousand different things, a thousand different ways, a thousand different times and, doing so, ensured we couldn't stop hearing the thing that nailed us to begin with. Even the bunch of times he'd disappointed me egregiously in the Senate, even knowing he wasn't the man who'd speak those words and mean them, those words still made me feel there was a chance.

But he's been president for over a year, and he hasn't stopped proving there is no chance since the day he took the oath. We are adults. It's time to SEE.


  1. Ya got a case of linkus forgetus..

  2. .
    Oh, yipes! Thank you. I'm such a twit so much of the time! My excuse is that I'd just gotten an email from a guy I was crazy for when I was in my twenties. A guy who made my knees evaporate... fast... I mean, fast, just saying something to me and I would nearly hit the deck involuntarily. So I was a little giddy while trying to get this posted.



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