06 March 2010


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I find I just can't find the words for the amazingness of this performance. Never has a puppet done such a brilliant job of following orders. I hope Russia snips his strings on this. I hope the world hands him his ass on this.


  1. This might not be all bad. The zionists might be less likely to attack Iran if China is Iran's best friend.

  2. Or more likely to heat us up against China before they are any stronger.

    Somewhere in their figuring has to be the fact that we are headed for a bad confrontation with China. They are not likely to wait to be repaid, and we are not likely to like the way they will demand repayment when they are technologically strong enough to do it. The math has to be some form of better to fight them while we're still so far ahead in hardware and not have to repay them at all....

    They laughed at Geithner's shtick when he tried to bluff them last year, and since then we have been doing little China-hostile things in tiny drops. So. Well. SANE people would fear China's retaliation, but neither the Zionists nor the people running our country are sane people.

    Russia is walking the razor's edge between alliance with China and alliance with the West. I think the world has a chance if they keep solid with the East... and if they throw in with us, I think it's all over.

  3. If China starts dumping all their Tbills on the open market, they could put a serious hurt on us.

  4. Don't I know it.

    They are positioning themselves not to be hurt so badly themselves while putting the hurt on us, and I think they wanted to use the threat of it to prevent us from starting WWIII. I think we got wise to that and prefer to opt for WWIII if we cannot bend them to our will.

    The asteroid better hurry up and hit.


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