13 March 2010


[click image, which, yes, I changed, because I made myself look too much like Michael Jackson while trying to get rid of weird color blotches and pixel drift from enlarging... it is some kind of gas to goof around with the AWFUL pictures this thing takes in PhotoBooth and I may become some kind of famous someday from innovations in rotten image compensation measures... here's another rotten one made less rotten by futzing and futzing and futzing... and, yes, I'd show you the original if it didn't suck so hard....]

I'm too sexy for my shirt.

It looked to me as though it was going to cover everything quite nicely... and, indeed, it does... if I hold still and there is no breeze... so mostly I wear another sweater over it to keep everyone from being exposed to my exceptional form unduly. Even so, a motorcyclist decided he was going to stalk me all the way home as I walked back from the grocery store today. I decided he wasn't going to get to accomplish this, but it took some doing to dissuade him.


I'm fifty-seven.

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