21 March 2010

ignoring my standard operational apoplexy

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I switched on the House debates and votes... because... of course... they didn't get to it until way later than estimated and I couldn't sleep all the way through it. A few Democrats actually did get up and call it what it is, but only a very few, and the rest of them stood up and spun for all they were worth. Just flat out lied.

Despite having seen really ugly parts of the bill and all those nasty bullet points, I could still feel this dippy old ewe far into my spiritscape trying weakly to prick up her wooly ears to believe the outright horseshit they were drilling... by dint of sheer repetition of patriotic and humanitarian SLOGANS by people who are just out and out LYING... and I have a lot of practice being impervious to that. Evil predators ripping at our suffering and hopes.

Most of the Republicans stood up an lied and lied and lied their mantra, but a few of them ignored the lie mantra and just told the truth... like those few Democrats drowned out by the spin drill. I am grateful for those few on both sides.

Now the millions who have had to sit in ER waiting rooms when they needed care will be able to sit in health clinic waiting rooms and ER waiting rooms and still die of lack of care, and nobody will be bumped for pre-existing conditions, but they won't be able to PAY the premiums to be covered, so they will be in those waiting rooms too.

But the insurance companies just got a monster infusion of new customers they don't have to serve any better than they do now.

It's "historic" all right.

We better hope these two annoying wonks are right about the plan being to get this piece of shit in so that they will have to fix it with something resembling ACTUAL healthcare reform... but... well... I'm not holding my breath.

I will also be SHOCKED if the Republicans challenge its constitutionality, as they were threatening at the tops of their lungs throughout, because, I don't know who they think they're fooling, those lobbyists have been pouring millions of dollars all over each of them too.

Old Silver Tongue says, "This is what change looks like." I'm afraid that's all too true.

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  1. Yep, corp welfare for the health care industry.



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