19 March 2010

it is an outright spectacular day

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You will recall the hail a few days ago, and the snow all over the hills, just a couple hunnert feet up. I got me some rockin' chilblains behind that—seriously, seriously vexatious anomalies arising out of biochemical annoyance with cold toes—and now itching, burning, tingling toes not even fully subsided from these insults to my darling tootsies, but everyone's griping about the heat. It's been seventy-four degrees here all day long. The locals' tattooed pulchritude is glistening out over their hip-hugger shorts and skewing their bursting tank tops.... You can hear the beer gurgling, and the cheery little sough and flap of flip-flops down the road.


  1. Temps here swung from 36 at dawn to 82 in the afternoon. What a wacky microclimate.

  2. Er, I don't think the whole of Northern California constitutes a "micro climate".... I think this has been the whackiest winter in my entire life.

  3. Almost 80 yesterday - 85 predicted today.
    a week ago the highs were in the low 60's

  4. Stephen Stills plagiarist?

    if you can't be with the one you love honey
    Love the one you're with

    The movie Beach Party - Frankie Avalon to Annette Funicello:

    If you can't be with the girl you love, love the girl you're with.

    (Yup, slow Saturday morning waiting for the cable guy to arrive.)

  5. Here in this valley we get much wider swings in temperature then places north or south of us. Due to the configuration of the land, the marine layer does not affect us, so we have lower lows and higher highs.

  6. Frankie better not sue Stephen for stealing his line.... :-P And I'm glad yer having a slow morning, BB2. If I didn't know how busy you've been, I'd think you didn't love me anymore.

    Dave, yes, I was tripping on the wild temperature swings all over Northern California. There was a guy in town who was griping and asking if it was always this hot here! Seventy-four on the beach. I guess the moist air makes it seem hotter. We seem to have a cold front back here today... and last night I checked the radar and could see that Eureka's perennial fog had almost reached clear up here by about midnight... which happens when the ground is cold and the air is warm and when the ground is warm and the air is cold... except in Eureka, where it's foggy almost always and I don't know why... maybe the clash between land and sea temperatures? They jut out off the main coastline a bit, sort of surrounded on three sides by the ocean?

  7. The cable guy just left.
    Even though they swore up and down over the phone that the cable had been run to the house I still couldn't find it. So when the cable guy - Rob - showed up he got out of his van, looked around for a cable then apologized to me and said he would stay until the job was done, he would run the cable to the house.
    While he worked on the cable outside I set up all of the equipment and had everything hooked up. He had to call in another installer to help pulling the cable across the street.

    Once he was done outside he came in with a pile of cables etc to hook everything up with. The TVs where playing, and all he needed to do was run a cable across my bedroom for the modem and plug it in then activate the service.

    My upload speed is double what it was with AT&T and my download is a screaming 1261 kbps 4 times AT&T

  8. I meant to mention how blown away he was by everything up and running.

  9. Whut? Left over from the old days when you had cable?

    Welcome back to speed demon heaven....

  10. Ya, the old cables in the house worked for the new setup. All he had to do was bring the incoming cable to the point where the old cables went to the satellite dish. Of course the cable connection point was two power poles down the street and on the opposite side of the side street.

    I hooked up everything inside - even the modem and phone line.

    Saved him an hour or so of work.

  11. I wish to heck I had a handy guy like you around here!

    Dang. Think what's it's like to be a dip about this sort of stuff! OMG


  12. My cousin used to date a guy who was afraid to tackle anything mechanical. He would spend $$ even to have the spark plug changed in his lawn mower. Barely able to dig up the courage to change a light bulb.


  13. He'd have to be GOD in bed to make up for THAT..... :o)


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