15 March 2010

justice is what love looks like in public

[click image, video, half hour]

Precious Israeli brothers and sisters and precious Palestinian brothers and sisters have exactly the same value....

How do we make this manifest, Cornel?


  1. What a pleasure to listen to him, great interview.

  2. I really love him. You can't help but love him... even when he's too gentle on those who seriously don't deserve it!

  3. Yep , I could only get through about half of it. It's what I think and only a few have any idea what's happening to them. Every one wants to blame others but unless we all come out to help one another than they have us right were they want us, divided.
    Everything is on schedule, please move along.

  4. I'm desperate for the solidarity.

    I just blew off Robert Greenwald AGAIN for being a divisive fuck. Explained it carefully when his software asked for an explanation of why I unsubscribed.

    I'm not putting up with this shit from anybody, no matter how clean they only think they are. Just because masses BELIEVE them, doesn't make it true from the start.

    We MUST make sure these people KNOW what assholes they're being, even when they're maybe non-assholes who are just in denial.

    Time to wake up.

  5. I met Cornell West in 2004 after a talk he gave to a small group...the man is genuine...and BRILLIANT!

    great video link 99...thanks

  6. Oh, yipes! I am SO jealous! I think I could die happy if I got to spend some time with him.


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