12 March 2010

many mouths to feed

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They have a lot of heirs between them and time the corporate leeches ate one.


  1. Some of the best news yet in the Artist vs Record company battles.

    OMG - The photo!


    I've seen Floyd 4 times.

    July 8th 1968 at the Kinetic Playground in Chicago with their Azimuth Coordinator put to full use. A great show with the sound roaming all around the room.

    June 22nd 1975 - Dark Side tour - Milwaukee County Stadium. The most zen concert I've ever been to, featuring a severe thunderstorm dumping about 2" of rain on the crowd in a 45 minute period beginning right after the first song. Once things started rolling again the band could not see the video screen yet they were completely in sync with the movie at the end of the last Dark side song. The concert and zen high point was near the end of the show, at the climax of the song Echos, the thunderheads, now out over Lake Michigan, broke open to reveal a full moon surrounded by huge thunderheads and lightning flashing all around it.

  2. Oh... Got carried away, forgot the other two...

    April 20th 1988 Hughes Stadium Sacramento - this show kind of sucked - Hugh's is located in an area totally surround by residential neighborhoods. The city placed a limit on how loud the band could be. They claimed the band broke the limit, even though we found it difficult to hear them from half way back in the crowd. I recall that the city fined them, however I couldn't find a reference to that.

    And the last show was at Oakland Colosseum Also on April 20th but 1994. This show was notable for their laser show which drew all kinds of images on the low hanging clouds as well as the enormous fire shooting cannons. We where at least 150 feet from the stage and you could feel the radiant heat from the fire balls when they shot up. This show featured a large chorus and many backup musicians.

  3. After all of their gear, 4 semi-trailers full, was stolen after a 1970 concert in New Orleans they swore they would never return to the US again.

    I'm so glad the relented!

  4. I know someone who's going to go batshit crazy for that Gilmourish site....

  5. Bought a car for Rin today. Leaving the dealer I was following her. We got about 3 blocks and came to the first stop sign. No brake lights! On closer inspection no tail lights either.

    Whipped a yuie and drove back to the lot.

    Maybe we will have it Monday - they may have to ship it off to the Saturn shop, but at least they are going to fix it for us.

    2002 Saturn.

    Meg gets the old car - never did get her's running again.

  6. What's strange is that when I bought my truck the exact same thing happened. Bought it on a Saturday, found the brake and tail lights didn't work and had to wait until Monday to take delivery.

    I meant to check those today before we left but forgot to do it when we were done with the paperwork.

  7. Can't trust car salesmen as far as you can throw the cars they sell!!!!

    But, congratulations on your new-to-you wheels.....


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