14 March 2010

the old droner

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Soporificitude of the highest order. Insomniacs take note! I will race you to the sheets to make the most of this! A nap, perchance to dream.... Relief is at hand.

Oh, man, I know one should not go for a nap before bedtime, but I couldn't help myself! As always, I only made it fifteen or twenty minutes into his droning before I fell asleep, and might still be off in my haunts if the people at Princeton were not such LOUD clappers. They always wreck things for me at the end.

So. My plan is to set it to approximately where I fell asleep a while ago, and see if it doesn't put me back to sleep again... maybe even to sleep through the applause... to tell myself there will be clapping soon but just tune it out....

This way I'll get to hear more of, really, some pretty informative droning, and maybe I can milk this one for quite a few naps.

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