07 March 2010

oscar night

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I would much rather just see the movies. I would not mind watching the whole Oscar night shtick if I had a huge screen tv and could turn off the sound on the yammerers. Then I could point and gasp and be catty and dribble champagne on my new sweater... properly take it in....


  1. Ahh sweet Audrey.

    I was pleased to see Jeff Bridges win. I really wanted him to end his acceptance speech with, "The dude abides."

  2. I was PARTICULARLY gleeful about Jeff's win because of the time I was at the industry screening for his movie where he played the space alien... can't remember the name of it. His father and mother were there, and seated near me. Unfortunately, some TOTAL ASSHOLES were also seated near us and right after the movie they started talking loudly about what a loser Jeff was, what a bad performance, yadda, yadda, yadda... and I could see the hurt on his parents' faces. I wanted to punch those fucks. Beside being dirt wrong, they were nasty fuckers, gratuitously hurtful bastards.

    I hope there is an afterlife so they will have seen this... made me cry that Jeff raised the Oscar to the sky and thanked them first.


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